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Some "Gyan" to start things off:-

Dr. Vidur Sahgal (B.Com (H), MBA & PhD)
Sole Proprietor:  M/s Optimum Mechanization & Data Integrated Consultant. (M/s OMDIC)

The Big Bang Theory according to Dr Vidur Sahgal:-
Yes, there was a "Big Bang" between the First Man and First Woman. Because of this Big Bang; the chain reaction of birth and death started.I mean if there was no birth how could there have been death? And if you know the story, Adam & Eve were both told not to eat the Apple, but nothing was said about the Orange and other fruits. Our origins are not entirely about physics but also about the bio-chemical electrical inner consciousness within the brain. Also note that God is not any longer responsible for concieving a child. Men & Women can now decide when to give birth.  Birth can now be planned and with some intangible choice to those about to be born.

The First Man & Woman were simply the Begining of Everything as experienced till now, the past and whatever will be experienced in the future.

From this begining we have accumulated onto this Earth-70% water & 30% land/solids.....the composition of our bodies also. What is there at the center of this Earth is the ultimate exploratory trip, and when found, one could find eternal life.

The Theory of Relativity according to Dr Vidur Sahgal:-
Consistent with the aforementioned "Big Bang Theory": yes we are all "related", but I do not know how distantly?

LOVE defined by Dr Vidur Sahgal :- Any relationship between 2 or more individual human beings, that has no Ego in between, is LOVE. In this case, Egoes should also be on the same plane, or level.

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God & The Super Ego is The Earth as One Whole, and not a single man, woman, or any other animal form, living or dead. Ego clashes are a result of this Super Ego. So are Id driven desires.

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It is universally agreed that "Zero" was invented by Aryabhatta, an Indian Citizen. As such, every India Indian citizen can now enjoy the IPR of the invention of "Zero". In fact, a global patent should be applied for the IPR of "Zero" by the government of India.


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