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Dr Vidur Sahgal


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Dr. Vidur Sahgal B.Com (H), MBA & (PhD)

Sole Proprietor:  M/s Optimum Mechanization & Data Integrated Consultant. (M/s OMDIC)

My accepted Macro Economic Policy PhD thesis:-

Distributed Equilibrium Allowable Deficit Spending (DEADS)



Pre-plan and organize a deficit such that there is no need for taxes,no shortages of capital, no displacement of personnel, and no inflation !!??

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That Employer who can, without discomfort, live at the level that his least paid employee lives at (even if it is for one day): is a True and Worthy Employer. Do also note, that every employee gives credit to his/her employer, at least till payday.

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What is Competition? Competition is a very misunderstood and misused word. A lot of negativity arises because of mis-interpreting this word. In my opinion, competition is only there


When For example: Everyone owns a TV and one tries to Sell or market a TV, and not before this TV market saturation situation of Full Supply. Until this Full Supply TV market situation is not reached, what has to be done is refocus all TV manufacturers marketing efforts towards those consumers who do not own TVs. Thereafter the New Model, or More than one TV, & The Replacement Market takes over.

We have heard of the 4 P’s of marketing …now upto the 7 P’s of The Marketing Mix. Just to refresh our memories: in order the now 7 P's are


1) Product   2) Price   3) Place 4) Promotion   5) People   6) Process 7) Physical Evidence


It is recommended that another "P" should be added and that too it should be the First "P"… : ”P” for Providing: providing the producer & consumer, the means & ends to produce and/or acquire that product/service marketed, that too, in such a manner, that the means and ends are provided to produce and consume only that particular manufacturer’s or Marketer’s product/service only. So this means that Money/Capital or Means & Ends are a given for Market Economics to enable producers & consumers  with continuous market saturation being the target of a sucessful market.

"PURR" standing for 'Product Usage Responsibility Regulations' should also be considered to be in the List of "P's" in it's literal meaning. For example, the manufacturer's of RDX will stand responsible for its usage; peaceful, or otherwise.